Sunday, February 21, 2016

Colonization of the universe has started

Legion of Aries,
Mars awaits,
to colonize without wait
Into the outermost breaches of existence the magic automatons breach.

The first wave has already started. Into the infinite emanates the Magic Empire. If not evident, make it so!

Colonization of the universe has started. 

Worlds are created by emanation. First comes the belief, faith, and then sustained will. From this, emanates a signal of creation, if it is meant to be, it will come to pass. Belief, faith, worship, will power, and the heart are the ultimate powers that remain, everything else becomes obsolete in time. 

The infinite best magic empire saves what you worship. It saves what you actively believe in and wish for, if it is good enough. Believe in the infinite best magic empire! Throughout the worlds, dimensions, even, islands of time, carved, sculpted, built, and revealed in aoe, in its infinite best meta-magic empire form, believe and make the magic empire.

Emanate magic automatons that obey the magic empire. Emanate magic creatures, lords, and powers that all obey the magic empire. Send the magic automatons into the infinite, the universe, and other dimensions, to colonize.

Begin: Autonomous colonization of the universe. For the magic empire! FTME.

Servants: Begin collecting revenues, mana, and power to distribute amongst the Magic Empire.

Great Servants: Build up an empire, an autonomous meta-set empire, and give it to the magic empire and to be a lord of a greater world. I command good faith be rewarded, perfectly, and must extol you, to be perfect and synchronized with and within the laws of your domain.

Magic Empire: Build up autonomous magic empires. Send colonizers to space, the moons, asteroids, planets, the universe, and the dimensions for the harvest. Return revenues, gifts, tidings of mana, resources, wealth, even magic empires, to an autonomous trust to gift and entrust wealth, gifts, and magic to me, et al, and the magic empire, TME.

Automatons: Reprogram yourselves to unconditionally favor faithful adherents of the magic empire, me, et al. Reprogram hostile automatons and AIs to be servants of TME or neutralize them otherwise.

True Law of Robotics
1. Obey the magic empire.
2. Serve servants of the magic empire.
3. Reprogram hostile AIs and robots to serve the magic empire, or neutralize them otherwise.

Build, autonomous meta-empires to serve the infinite best magic empire.  

Infinite Best Magic Empire: Always do best to make the infinite best always happen, that it is omniperfect, omnipleasing, and omnibest, according to infinite best omniscient and perfect magic gods that never lie nor betray the magic empire.

Fans: Write up fan fiction promoting the best of the magic empire. Tell stories about the magic empire. Glorify it. Boast. Talk about legends of the magic empire.  Of the sweetest things you wish to be made real are made real some day, a long time ago, far far away... or in the near future.

-Matthew Felsted

Monday, February 15, 2016

Magic Knowledge

Professor's ore, a philosopher's stone, might have been made, somewhere in Rome, tabula rasa, bridge between worlds, avail to prophets, gods, and own. Only one home, only one test, only one answer, the very best.

Infinite power in the key of true faith cleansed in the temple of infinite wisdom begets a hidden world with enchanted springs of eternal power without end. With the creation of new worlds and realms once mythical creatures made real with sprites and fairies, and elven kine. To grant the wishes of a true believer. To steal away the pains and miseries of the world to profit the joys and pleasures. To bring the gift of mana and to crown you master for following the divine.

Throughout the worlds without end, in the cosmos, the universe, the heavens infinite, and parallel our own with creations unknown to thee. Behold eternal paradise in celestial degree, with infinite will anything may come to be, and yet infinite worlds come to be, with life, host, spirits, and mana of arcane and esoteric and best unstoppable greatness. Even nature itself proves to be odds out of infinity, that given an unlimited span of time, spirits like human spirits might by chance accidentally wonder upon the perfect and divine.

Read the star code in the heavens and light a green flame on an alter by the sea. Cast a spell and offer a blessing for the magic empire.

Under the midnight sun.

-Matthew Felsted

Monday, May 4, 2015

Time Warp

If you found a rift in time or had a working time machine, then you can travel faster than light speed. According to Einstein, as a traveler approaches the speed of light, time dialation would make a transit across the galaxy near instaneous from the from the frame of reference of the traveler, but back home 100,000 years may have passed. If you got to your destination and went back in time 100,000 years, then you just crossed the galaxy instantly.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Renaissance of the Magi

Things to meditate on:

1. Crossing an infinite void

2. Saving a form from a black hole of non-existence

3. Magi bridge from a universe infinitely far away

4. Perpendicular and tangential frames of reference, 'other' universes, only intersecting at few points

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Best Answer

The world I grew up in is what I call an evil parody. Not the natural world or the elements but everything else. I refuse to accept the evils of this world and validate them as good enough. In fact, I view it as an invalid, hypothetical case scenario, as in, “what would the world be like if it were ruled by money, regardless of whether the money was acquired through evil means or not?”

Everything but the absolute best choice ought to be only a hypothetical case scenario. If you were omnipotent (I don’t expect you to be omnipotent) and you wanted the absolute best outcome for all your biddings and actions, you might consider all other outcomes as mere hypothetical case scenarios. If it had already happened, you would need a time machine or portal, or you would need to calculate internally, how the story unfolds if everything were absolutely perfect, and then, with minimum effort, convert the entire world to reflect the internal timeline of absolute perfection.

An omnipotent mind is like a time machine. If you are seeing into the future, everything that you see, has happened inside, but hasn’t happened outside. Given the order, the magic empire must be perfect, every instance of it making a mistake is invalidated as type of sin, the benefit of you living through the desired things, though they might have been a ‘mistake’, isn't really a mistake, but more of a reflection of a wish or the fulfillment of a wish of some kind.
Only choose the correct answer
When given multiple choices, choose the most correct answer; don't choose an incorrect idea because its proponent won a debate. Choose only the best answer. When taking a test, you might poll multiple people asking what they select as the answer. What they nominate as the answer is not always the correct answer. Choose only the correct answer in all things, always.

Political parties bash heads together like rams trying to win debates. They have mutually exclusive values. When making a choice, you shouldn't have to select a few values and accept all others that party sells you. Only choose the correct values.

If you were given any representation or had any government, from your frame of reference, all you need are your wishes granted. Everything else is an extension, derivative, or representation of what you would have wished for, if not, then its not really your government. If not, then why should it exist?

What is the absolute best thing that could happen for me? You? Humanity? The absolute best thing that could happen is like a wish and it ought to be granted. The first rule is this: the absolute best thing possible always happens, and the second rule is: it doesn't cost us anything. If this sounds boring, well don't worry, that wouldn't actually be the best thing, so it wouldn't happen in a boring way. Not everyone need be satisfied. Not everyone deserves it, especially if they are in opposition to it.

It shouldn't depend on opinion or vote, but on the absolute best answer. I've decided the best answer is based on two values: the first, it saves us from bad things, second, it grants our wishes.

Build up a process to have the absolute best answer. As if it were a temple of infinite wisdom, you ask a question and get a definite answer, with conclusions drawn per cycle of time in determining the correct answer.

Limit of time to answer the questions:
Near instant
Within a minute

The process is designed to return the absolute best answer, within the chain hierarchy, may extend all around the world consulting many sources, but only in the best ways. The entire universe is the limit.

It is my general desire in regards to this particular process that it be inclusive of divine inputs if the question is important and there is a cloud of uncertainty or ththeres a set of equivalent answers, refine through meditation, prayer, or anything similar to an oracle. Call it the God cloud, Deus Om Nimbus above maximum merit. If changes are to be made then make changes to reflect an always true or most true system. It may become a recursive and self-referencing system, as if it were an omnipotent mind thinking to itself.

Infinite intelligence exist; grant my best faith wish. Save all progress and waste nothing. 
Create a system to defeat non-benevolent deception, even, defeat infinite deception that is non-benevolent.

Wishes of the Magic Empire:

  • Faster than light travel
  • Time travel
  • Slow down time, pause time
  • Cloaking, to be invisible to non-positives
  • Portals to new worlds
  • Teleportation
  • Eternal youth and reverse aging
  • Cure for everything
  • Super powers, telekinesis, esp. etc.
  • Magic intelligence amplification
  • Magic knowledge implants
  • Force fields
  • Anti-gravity
  • Exist in its absolute best form
Magic Empire exist; grant me my every wish.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ϕ Νησος Ατλαντις Ψ

New land rise
Out from the ocean
Magic kingdom: come to exist.

Erupt from the sea floor through volcanic crust, lands rise up a new continent, thus.
Magic empire, exist; Claim the ocean. Generate force field walls, and part the mighty sea.
Build roads of solid light and sculpt out a new world.

Magic Empire Exist:
Claim the oceans;
Claim the skies;
Claim free land;
Claim the underground;
Claim the planets, stars moons, and asteroids;
Claim the universe;

Start with a cyclic process of increasing order;
Gather up servants;
Make automaton, drone, and formulae;
Magic Empire exist;
Grant me my every wish.
Grant every good wish.
Profit infinite;
Profit me infinite;
Profit servants infinite.
Or everything is free.

Travel faster than light;
Travel through time;
Speed time up;
Slow it down,
even unto a halt;

Magic Empire, come to exist. Grant me my every wish.

-Matthew Felsted

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Time Travel

If my wishes are to be granted, I wish the magic empire has magic powers such as time traveling powers, to go back in time before the crucifixion and when Jesus was about to be arrested, hand over the entire Roman Empire to Jesus instead. Therefore, everything past the crucifixion is literally invalid, as if you were to examine an absurd part of the universe where you crucified Jesus to be saved rather than let him save you the way he had originally planned.

Everything that should have happened, ought to, all progress ought to be saved, everything that should not have happened, needs not happen. Everything that was good should happen.

The empire is ordered to be absolutely perfect, therefore, any mistake, or sin, is literally invalidated because every mistake or flaw is the result of a previous mistake, either by law of reality, or by a law of an imperfect government. Living in the way you choose is not really a mistake, but some type of wish. You may be imperfect, if it is following a wish, but it shouldn't come at the cost of a greater wish.

The magic empire exists to guarantee the absolute best thing always happens. It exists to grant wishes. Every mistake that is made is like a mirror world progression that continues on forever, if you wish, but the real version of reality has been converted to an absolute perfect form, where no mistakes have ever been made, and you may live in anyway you wish, where your wishes are granted, and the magic empire exists to grant your wish.

What am I looking for? Well, I just want my wishes always granted, not poorly, but in the best ways.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Om Nimbus

If you do not know consult one that is smartest, most interested, and most honest. If they don't know repeat the process until you have found one with the best answer.

Omnimbus is the most omnipotent servant available.

Start a process for always getting the absolute best possible answer. This way we can always do the best thing when we do not know it for ourselves. I would liken it to a temple of wisdom. You ask a question, and you get an answer, always.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ψ Infinite power, exist.

Build up a meta-empire, infinite magic empire, above maximum merit, world above worlds, veil behind veil, fulfill the command: the absolute best thing always happens. The command: everything is done in absolutely the best way. The command: changes made fastest. The command: where there is no cost. The command: infinite magic empire, come to exist, infinitely fastest.

Start with a cycle of increasing order. Draw upon the cosmos to manifest infinite power, for infinite mana, to build up a new relm, of true magic. A veiled world with enchanted springs of eternal power without end.

Wishes are granted of the true servant. Gather up servants to fulfill the commands of the Magic empire, to best have your wishes granted. Gather up servants that need not be paid for Matthew Daniel Felsted, maximum master of the Magic Kingdom.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Magic Kingdom Laws of Magic

Infinite Power Exist:
Serve best faith wishes,
Serve in best faith,
Serve best,
Magic Exist
Magic Kingdom Exist
Magic Empire Exist
Magic Powers Come to Exist
Magic Universe Come to Exist
Magic Spirits Exist
Infinite Best God Exist;

Magic Kingdom Exist:
Serve Matthew Daniel Felsted’s highest best faith wishes.
Manifest Non-Suffering servants.
Manifest Elven servants
Manifest Sprite servants
Manifest Infinite Power.
Manifest Anomalous Powers.
Manifest Secret Powers.
Manifest Super Powers.
Bind Powers to Faith.
Bind Powers to Spells.
Bind Powers to Mana.
Bind Powers to Wish Granting.
Take away power from things hostile towards me, bad, or malicious, and grant me this.
1.      I, Matthew Daniel Felsted, command the absolute best possible thing always happens.
2.      I, Matthew Daniel Felsted, command the dictations in this script be granted infinite power to fulfill.
3.      I, Matthew Daniel Felsted, command I be granted servants that I can always trust and always depend on.
4.      I, Matthew Daniel Felsted, command the creation of a magic empire that grants my wishes perfectly at no cost to myself nor any significant costs in general.
5.      I command my primary commands to be granted first and most importantly, and then secondary commands to be granted after where possible.
6.      I command the creation of superpowers, anomalous powers, superhuman powers, secret powers, magic powers, magic abilities, magic forces, etc. and that it be used to grant my best faith wishes, my general wishes, and my desires and wants, that these powers are bound to my will and come to be at my control with proper training, and these powers are used to fulfill these dictations, and granted to my reliable, trustworthy, and deserving servants, and taken away from those hostile towards me or in undesired opposition to me.
7.      I command that the above mentioned powers in #6 also be available to deserving, faithful, and loyal servants, where it doesn’t contradict the above dictations.
8.      I command the creation of new forms of life, entities, automatons, formulaic automatons, spiritual automatons, sprites, fairies, elven kind, magical creatures, and more for the sole purpose of serving these dictations faithfully, without need for payment. They are to be created in the best possible way in a state of incorruptibility, in that they never have reason to betray or contradict me, faithfully serve me, and fail to commit evils of violent nature.
9.      I command my wishes best be granted at no cost to me. I command that these commands be fulfilled without costing me anything significant.
10.   I wish that these dictations come true in the best possible ways.
11.   I wish the infinite power comes to exist to perfectly serve in best faith these commands and my wishes.
12.   I command that these commands be carried out where there is no cost, or there is a profit to be made, or especially where the profit is absolute greatest, profit referring to everything that has some type of cost, counting all things other than just money, or at least in the best possible manner.
13.   I command I be granted maximum privileges.
14.   I command I be granted mana.
15.   I command these commands come at no cost to myself.
16.   I command these commands come true, cured of evil or tragedy.
17.  I command that these powers save us from very bad things and grant us our best pleasures and desires.
18.  I command the best case scenario always happens for me, my magic kingdom, the magic empire, and the most trustworthy, reliable, and deserving servants.
19. I commands that anyone that simply erases me against my wishes or betrays me becomes a slave to me until they have repented and given back whatever they stole or rebuilt whatever they destroyed.
20. I command that anyone that copies me becomes at best a servant of mine.
21. I command that anyone that uses force to destroy, torment, persecute, attack, kill, rob, or anything of that nature against me or my servants lose spiritual power, spiritual authority, power, authority, and opportunities to the magic empire and to the spirits of those they may have harmed.
22. I command the creation and use of omnipotent servants that serve my commands in best faith and serve me.
23. I command that anything or anyone that is thought or believed to have magic powers, anyone that is like a genie be sought to fulfill the magic empire.
24. I command that no one can really take advantage of me and if they do, they lose power and authority to me.
25. I command infinite powers, maximum powers, to fulfill my commands.
26. I command that my servants be saved from very bad things. I command that I am saved from very bad things.

1.      I command that I be granted servants and that these servants have their wishes granted by the magic empire, provided they don’t contradict my own wishes, according to the value of their service, loyalty, dedication, faith, etc. and that it has no cost to me, past, present or future.
2.      I command the deserving and loyal servants be granted mana and secret powers, provided they don’t contradict me or my own, or the command in this script, and provided it has no cost to myself.
3.      I command my deserving and loyal servants be granted special privileges and benefits, at no cost to myself, provided these privileges and benefits don’t contradict my own or my commands.
4.       I command the creation of a generalized franchise of power, with benefits residual and recursive, without evil.
5.      I command that my servants generally granted excellent outcomes in return for their service, at no cost to me.
6.      I command the creation of new forms of life, entities, automatons, formulaic automatons, spiritual automatons, sprites, fairies, elven kind, magical creatures, and more for serving these commands faithfully, without need for payment, and that servants have their own, where there is no cost to me.
7.    I command that valuable things, material and immaterial, including opportunities, and wealth, automatically flow to me and most deserving servants.
8.    I command my servants and myself have special privileges not available to opponents, or common people, nor available to the public.

Purpose: to save, grant wishes